Delivery Zone

We currently deliver wine & spirits in the following zip codes during our hours of operation:

  • Greenpoint, NY 11222

  • Williamsburg, NY 11211
  • Williamsburg, NY 11249
  • Williamsburg, NY 11206

  • Long Island City, NY 11109
  • Long Island City, NY 11101

Offline Payment 

All payments are due at time of delivery or pick up.
In other words, we will swipe payer's card or accept cash payment when we deliver your order to your door.

We don't accept gift orders via our website.

The person who pays must be over 21 years old to make the payment and the owner of the card. Please have your ID ready.

We accept:

  • Cash
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Delivery methods

  • Pick Up - starts from $200 +tax

  • Delivery fee - depends on zip code and time

Discount Policy

Wines with Yellow Tag (Regular Price):

  • 20% off when you purchase 12 or more bottles
  • 15% off when you purchase 6 to 11 bottles
  • 10% off when you purchase 3 to 5 bottles
  • You can mix and match different wines, they don't have to be the same kind. As soon as you qualify for the discount, all your yellow tag wines will get properly marked down.

Spirits with Yellow Tag (Regular Price):

  • 15% off when total shopping is at least $200 before tax
  • 10% off when total shopping is at least $100 before tax

Blue Tag Items are Sale Items that are Eligible for an Extra 5% Discount Under Two Conditions:

  • First the total shipping must be at least $200 before tax
  • Second, the payment must be in cash or debit with PIN

Pink Tag Items are on sale and not eligible for any further discount. However, they help you reach required discount levels for other items.

Bulk Prices - Some items have an extra special price when you buy them in bulk. This price is offered when you get at least the minimum number of bottles required.

[BP] prices are eligible to receive a 5% discount when you pay with cach or debit with PIN and total shopping is at least $200 before tax.

Return Policy

Proper storage of wine & spirits is one of the biggest factors in guaranteeing that the product you purchased is of top quality. We take this matter extremely seriously. Hence, we are unable to control it neither before it gets delivered to us nor once the product is sold to our customers. Therefore, we offer a very limited return policy.

We strongly believe with certainty that all of the products our customers receive are straight from the source and have never been returned to be resold. This also allows us to stand firmly behind what we offer.

Our limited return policy is to accept returns for a refund when the merchandise is evidently defective due to our fault or that of our suppliers.

If that is the case, please contact us within 7 business days of purchase and have the original sales receipt, bottle of product, and original cork ready for evaluation.