Villa Sparina Gavi 750ml

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The story of Villa Sparina began in the 18th century, when part of the structure we see today was in fact a farming estate, built by the Marquis Franzoni of Genova. It is immersed in the vineyards of Monterotondo, in the very heart of the renowned Gavi area. The estate boasts large wine cellars dating back to the original date of construction, in pristine condition, testimony to the ever flourishing wine production right from the very beginning. A constant in the history of Villa Sparina is the respect for the traditions of the past held in high regard by all those who have passed through the estate, whilst at the same time adopting a forward thinking and innovative approach to its growth and the generations to come. Quality, character and great wines. These characteristics sum up the Moccagatta family winery, Villa Sparina, which has been managing this project since the seventies, as it has been growing and flourishing. A collection of individuals across the full spectrum of roles within the business share a common passion for the work undertaken. A passion consolidated by the understanding that everything comes from the land. Such an awareness has led Villa Sparina to be the only business to go beyond its own production and expand promoting its very territory. Villa Sparina has 100 hectares of land, of which 70 are cultivated with indigenous grapes; in fact they have dedicated themselves to the Cortese and Barbera varieties. It is said that great wines are made in the vineyards - if this is true then the wines of Villa Sparina are born with a notable advantage, with all their vineyards benefitting of excellent soil, enjoying optimal sun exposure and a mild and temperate climate. These three factors combined favour the natural production of great wines. All of Villa Sparina’s wines are characterised by their balanced structure, overall harmony on the palette and recognizable flavour of the terroire. Amongst their range of wines, the Monterotondo shines particularly, a vintage made from the Gavi Cortese grapes from a small cru and the Rivalta, an important red made from the Barbera grapes. Both the Gavi and the Barbera distinguish themselves for their fresh flavour, whilst the Brut, made following the traditional Method Champenoise, gifts fresh and pleasing bubbles each and every year. Piedmont is most definitely a region in which traditional values are fiercely guarded and innovation is often regarded with a certain degree of wariness and mistrust, but Villa Sparina isn’t only wine. Displaying audacious tenacity, the Moccagatta family has always invested enormously in cultivating a positive image, and the fruits of their labour can be seen today. The unique design of the bottle inspires admiration, uniting memories of the past whilst never losing sight of the future. Like in the passing on of tradition, in time it has come to represent something greater than just a bottle of wine. Hospitality is the norm in Monterotondo. In the last seven years Villa Sparina has undergone much development and the pride and joy of the whole project is the Resort. The project began as a hotel in the sector of wine-tourism promoting local traditions, the local territory and tourism in the area. Surrounded by the rolling hills of Gavi, today the Resort includes the Villa Sparina winery, “L’Ostelliere” the charming four-star superior hotel and “La Gallina”, the exquisite and refined restaurant specialising in typical dishes of the area. The aromas and flavours of the dishes linger on as one wanders through the herb garden, amidst which one finds elegant and comfortable chairs and sofas nestled, with flowers and vegetables all around. Beauty, peace, hospitality and a particular attention to detail; this is the Villa Sparina Resort, where everything is new, yet all is old.
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